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3 Pt Tactical Slings
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Essential Tactical Gear
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What is a Tactical Sling? Information and Usage.

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Function - The word "tactical" is defined as adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose". Thus over the years this word has been applied to all sorts of military and police products, from flashlights to weapon systems. It was just a matter of time before it found its way to qualify a rifle sling as being tactical in nature.

A tactical sling is any sling that serves the tactical requirements of a specific short term combat scenario. A single, two or three point sling may be used to meet the needs of a specific operation.  A three point sling positions a long gun horizontally or diagonally across the front of the body.  The more traditional two point sling does the same thing, and the single point simply hangs the weapon vertically at the front of the body.  The 3 point design, allows the operator to carry the weapon "hands-free" taking weight off both hands while still keeping the weapon quickly accessible.  This facilitates quick weapon transitions between handgun and rifle.  A tactical sling also makes simple tasks like reading maps and opening doors easier while maintaining control and accessibility of your weapon.  The 2 point design allows the operator to carry the weapon in a guitar-like fashion. Many operators prefer this style over the three point for its simplicity.  A single point sling is just that, a sling using only one attachment point on the weapon.  This is particularly helpful in CQB operations because of increased maneuverability with the weapon, but impractical for long patrols.

Many manufacturers have incorporated a lot of features in these slings.  Some find it necessary, some find it frivolous. Whatever your preference are, your tactical gear is not complete without a tactical sling.

m4 sling ak47 tactical patrol sling m16 sling
Our Sling -Here at Slings Only® we manufacture the FGA Tactical Slings™ and Slings Only® Patrol Slings. Our slings are custom made three point tactical slings for various assault rifles whether for use in law enforcement, military or self-defense.  Below are our various models and configurations. The FGA-M16TS™ M16 / AR15 Tactical Sling, FGA-M4TS™ M4 / CAR-14 Tactical Sling, and both models work with variants of the same platform. We also make the FGA-AK47TS™ AK47 Tactical Sling, FGA-MP5TS™ MP5 Tactical Sling, which works for all HK type sling attachment configuration, the FGA-1PTS™ 1 Point Sling, and the 1.5 inch wide FGA-P1.5TS™ Tactical Sling.

We have recently added our newest model, the Slings Only® Patrol Slings. Constructed of 1.25 wide heavyweight nylon, and comes fully assembled and ready to install.  With the optional Cross Transition Buckle (XTB) with quick release, this patrol slings are designed for real-life field combat and CQB operations. The sling can be shouldered off the right or left shoulder, depending on shooter's preference. The sling length is fully adjustable and a cam locks it in place. This sling may also be configured as a 2 point or single point sling. The Slings Only Patrol Slings were specifically designed to be used with the AK47, M16, AR15, M4 and its variants, and the M1A and Mini-14 rifles.

Specs - Our 3 point tactical slings come in two flavors, 1 inch and 1.25 inch wide. For the FGA Tactical Slings we use heavyweight 1 inch wide polypropylene webbing, and heavyweight 1.25 inch wide for the Slings Only® Patrol Slings. Polypropylene is ideal for rifle slings because it is lighter but comparable in strength to nylon, costs less, thus making these 3 point tactical slings very practical and affordable. But for those looking for a more robust combat sling, the Slings Only® Patrol Slings will meet the challenge.  Our 3 point tactical slings also utilize mil-spec plastic hardware for silent operation.  Double cross-boxed stitch pattern and bar tacking is used to attach our tactical sling hardware to the webbing.  All FGA Tactical Sling models come with a "quick release" system for rapid separation from the operator. The Slings Only® Patrol Sling is available in standard or XTB versions.  A combination of metal snaphooks, nylon cords and stock adapters are used depending on the rifle and tactical sling model.

Availability - We maintain a high level of inventory for our tactical sling to ensure availability.  Your sling order will be shipped to you the next business day.  On rare occasions we may require additional lead time for large orders of our tactical sling. [Note: Some non-Slings Only products may be backordered. Please call to verify availability.

Ordering - Our tactical rifle slings can be ordered thru our secure online order processing system using your credit card.  We also accept and process Government Purchase Orders. Please fax your POs to 1-650-993-8884.  We ship to US addresses, APOs and international address.

3 Pt. Sling Usage Guide

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