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Item Name: Slings Only® M14 / M1 Garand Patrol Tactical Sling
Item Number: SO-PATROLm14

m14 / m1 sling
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Product Features:
  • Made of 1.25" Heavy Duty nylon and plastic hardware
  • Convertible as a 2 Point or 3 Point sling.
  • With or without Cross Transition Buckle (XTB) and Quick Release
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • Made in USA
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Detailed Description

The Slings Only® M14 / M1 Garand Patrol tactical sling is designed to fit fixed stock M14 / M1A variants with a bottom mounted front sling swivel. It is ambidextrous and can be adapted on weapons with butt stocks similar in size to the M14 (works for M16s). The sling can be ordered with or without the Cross Transition Buckle (XTB) and Quick Release feature.

With the XTB feature the sling can be used exactly like a conventional 2 point or 3 point sling, basically giving the user freedom to utilize the advantages of both designs in just one sling. The XTB allows the operator to rapidly and quietly create slack that allows for easy left/right shoulder transitions. It takes only one free hand to flip open the XTB which releases the 3rd point of the sling, letting it slide freely along the sling and allowing the operator extend and mount on the opposite shoulder. The sling remains attached to the operator and the weapon can still be "left hanging" should there be a need to transition to a secondary weapon. This free sliding XTB is also used to easily configure the sling for a 2 point carry. Re-locking the XTB can be done quickly and silently with just one hand needed. The XTB can also be used to adjust for proper and comfortable fit for the operator. And should there ever be a need to rapidly separate the weapon from the operator, the quick release buckles does the job efficiently. The sling is constructed of heavyweight standard 1.25" width nylon.

Without the XTB and Quick Release feature, the M14 / M1 Patrol sling is a fully functional 3 point sling. Both versions come with a front and rear sling adapter. No additional hardware is needed.  Comes fully assembled and ready to install. Usually ships the next business day.
mini14 m14 m1 sling

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Patrol Sling Instructions        3 Pt. Sling Usage Guide


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