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P1.5 Tactical Sling Fixed-Stock Weapon Installation Instructions

SR16 sling install Step 2 Pic

Step 2. Position and secure buttstock using the plastic tri-glide as shown.
sr16 sling install Step 3 Pic

Step 3. Tie nylon cord as shown . Adjust slider for proper gun carry position.

P1.5 Sling Tele-Stock Installation Instructions

m4 sling intall step1 pic

Step 1. Remove fixed stock adapter by undoing the webbing connector with toothed sliplok..
m4 sling intall step2 pic

Step 2. Replace with tele-stock adapter and secure it using the toothed sliplok..
M4 sling install Step 1 Pic

Step 1. Tie nylon cord at rear stock....
M4 sling install Step 2 Pic

Step 2. and tie end of sling to front sight post or swivel. Adjust slider for proper rifle hang position.

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